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This Local Holiday Gift Box Removes

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Local Holiday Gift Box

Our Christmas box is a curated selection of some of our favorite products from local companies in the province of Quebec. From the delicious caramel to the wonderful aroma of the candle, these items can be enjoyed by anyone, from your younger cousin to your grandma. Click here to learn more about what is inside the box.


The local holiday box is carefully wrapped in eco-friendly brown paper, tied in biodegradable twine and is topped with a handwritten holiday greeting. In order to keep the beautifully decorated gift box safe and untouched during the delivery process, we make sure that it is sent in a standard shipping box, delivered right to your door.

What's Inside The Box?

La boîte à bonbons is a company that wants to introduce happiness throughout its products. A bag full of sour fruit-flavoured vegan candies is placed inside each CapTen holiday box. They are fresh, gluten-free, fat-free and exclusively available from select retailers, such as CapTen.

Handmade in Montreal, Soja & Co perfectly combines well-being with the pleasure of a non-polluting candle. Indeed, 100% natural soy wax made from OGM-free soybeans is blended with cruelty-free and vegan fragrance oils. This allows the 2 oz candle to burn longer, all while being eco-friendly.

When ordering a CapTen gift box, you will receive one of two scents: Bergamot + Seaweed or Sage + Sea Salt

Once your candle is finished, give the amber glass jar a second life by transforming it into an original cocktail glass, plant pot or even a nifty container for storing your favourite jewelry.

La Lichée is above all a project founded by three guys from Quebec who wanted to revive the love of caramel to fellow Quebecers. They wanted to bring a breath of fresh air to the current market and had all of the ingredients to accomplish this; a grandmother’s recipe from the Magdalen Islands, a strong visual identity and a delicious caramel.

So they put together these three key pieces to create what La Lichée is today, a young local company which supports entrepreneurial projects, eco-responsibility, design and innovation.

Your CapTen box will contain one of the two caramel flavours: fleur de sel caramel or chocolate fleur de sel caramel.

When we were putting together this delightful holiday box, we couldn’t help but include our fan-favorite vegan solid shampoo bar.

Invisible to the human eye, toxic chemicals used in traditional shampoos contaminate our waters. Our shampoo bars contain ingredients that are safer for the environment.

The holiday season is often synonymous with a drink to celebrate, which is why we thought it would be important to include a reusable metal straw. This limited-edition accessory is only available in our holiday box.

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