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Inside CapTen

CapTen, pronounced “Captain”, is a Canadian startup specialized in maritime-themed dad hats. As indicated in our name, we donate 10% of our profits to a non-profit organisation committed to removing trash from our precious oceans. Indeed, it is said that every minute one garbage truck of plastic is dumped in our oceans. With this in mind, we strongly believe that we must act now and educate our peers, one baseball cap at a time.

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Our Pledge For Sustainability

We are willing to go the extra mile in order to offer our products and services with the smallest environmental impact possible. From our website to our supply chain, we are constantly finding ways to improve our company’s sustainable efforts, all while donating 10% of our profits to ocean-cleaning efforts.

Bulk Purchase Options

Our shampoo bars are essential products and can be preserved for at least 12 months. With this in mind, we encourage you to buy in bulk in order to lower the environmental impact normally caused by transportation, all while taking advantage of our bulk discounts.

Green Web Hosting

Unknown to many, websites are powered by servers that consume tons of electricity. This very website is powered by a data center located in Montreal by Green Geeks, which gives back 3 times the energy it consumes in the form of renewable power.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Our team has put a lot of thought into avoid overpacking in order to stay true to our values. For example, our shampoo bars are wrapped in biodegradable coffee filters and natural jute twine. This also has economic advantages, allowing us to offer our products at an affordable price.

Meet The Crew

The CapTen Crew is established in Sherbrooke, Canada. We are three students at Sherbrooke University pursuing our Bachelor’s degree in various fields. We’ve combined our passion for hats and our desire for corporate responsibility to bring CapTen Hats to life. We strongly believe that nowadays companies must contribute to society before turning a profit. Indeed, we encourage others to support businesses who think alike.

Justin Bastarache

Founder & eCommerce

Justine Descoteaux

Social Media

A Timeless Accessory On A Mission

We have been enthusiasts of the dad hat trend ever since its appearance. We also wanted to create an accessory that could be casually worn by literally anybody, no matter your gender or size. By wearing a CapTen dad hat, you support the movement and help solve the issue of waste in our waters.